February 6, 2016

InternPost #BEMFamily


*Maafkan segala kesalahan tatabahasa dan sewaktu dengannya*
**BI saya C je SPM harituh**
***Buat-buat faham jela ya ?***

We've tried and keep trying to get along with people.
Give the best as best as you can to learn new things and sharpen your skills on the job related.

At first, It is not easy to broke the ice and having a comfortable way to expose yourself.
Hard to dealing with adaption-pace, all-kind-of-attitude among new team, awkwards moment to be through and so many lack we would be with--

This step isn't your reflection of the failure but stairs to you to keep climb till the end on the peak for great experience,huge of knowledge and so many goods input to learns ahead.

May Allah ease our journey, Dear Friends.
May Allah strengthen our spirit to stay strong and patience in whatever situation we faced on.
In Shaa Allah 

smile emoticon
Keep faith and fightingggg ‪#‎BEMFamily‬ !


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